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The State of Things: South Africa, the Economy and Our Leaders

For the last few decades, much of the world has enjoyed relatively steady economic and social gains. As a global collective, we have experienced better standards of living, improved transport and communication, civil liberties, improved life expectancies and public health – so much more than the world that came before us.

29 September 2023

Leadership & Legacy

The world seems to be experiencing a LEADERSHIP VACUUM. The future is entirely dependent on the decisions that we make today. What are we doing as leaders to leave the generation to come a LEGACY that they inherit and build upon once we are gone?

It is a question asked by almost everyone of themselves: What will be my leadership legacy?

Leadership is not merely about steering an organisation or a team toward short-term goals. It’s about creating a lasting impact that transcends time. A true leader doesn’t just focus on the present; they are driven by a profound sense of responsibility to shape the future. This sense of responsibility is what gives rise to the concept of a legacy in leadership – the enduring mark a leader leaves on their organisation, community, and the world.

Leadership is about taking accountability yourself and holding others to the same standard, regardless of what's going on Leadership requires the courage to make decisions that will benefit the next generation.

Taking responsibility is the first step in creating a lasting legacy. This is the time for leaders with integrity to emerge to enable us to create a world that is the benchmark and legacy of our generation.


Because it’s in our nature to find solutions. It’s in our culture to celebrate heritage. And now, as leadership becomes key to leaving a legacy, it’s more important than ever to CONNECT.

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