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Introducing Fulcrum for Business

In March 2004, Momentum’s team of legal advisers launched Fulcrum – a software application specifically for advisers and at the time, an industry first…

10 October 2023

MDS Legal Advice Team

Like all professionals working in the Financial Services Industry, the MDS Legal Advice Team also had to upskill, upsize, reinvent and grow their offering in order to provide the specialised knowledge and comprehensive support needed.

As of today, the MDS Legal Advice Team consists of 9 specialists, including their leader, Bertie Nel. Together they have an impressive 156 years of experience in the financial services industry and can provide both legal and technical support.

The team provides support to Advisers, Business Consultants and Clients through knowledge share and I-KNOW. They are also responsible for CPD Sessions, Marketing Campaigns and Information Sharing Sessions.

In addition, Bertie and his team worked relentlessly over the past two years to bring their expertise into the digital realm.

In addition to the brand new Fulcrum for Business, the much anticipated e-learning channel, CPD Connect, launches on the platform nexty week as registration opens for our first CPD accredited workshops.

The MDS Legal Advice team are committed to support you and your business, offer specialised knowledge and digital solutions that will make your life easier. Freeing you up so that you can give your client the best advice for a lifetime of financial wellness!

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