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Overview of the Pending Changes

Executive Head of Momentum Myriad, Stephen van Niekerk, and Head of Momentum Multiply, Marcia Eugenio, share important details regarding the changes that are due to be implemented early next year.

01 Dec 2023

Momentum Multiply Premier in 2024

Momentum has changed its approach to rewards, making it easier to use, less complex, and more inclusive.

This was the topic of countrywide engagements with you, our valued business partners, last year when members of Momentum management informed you of the decision to unbundle loyalty and rewards offerings from Multiply and reposition them within each product house.

We are now approaching the final step in the unbundling process: From January 2024, Myriad discounts and Momentum Insure rewards will be de-linked from a member’s Multiply Premier membership. Multiply Premier members on Momentum Medical Scheme will be moved to Multiply Inspire Plus or Engage Plus in 2024.

What does this mean for you and your clients?

Topics include: - Multiply Premier and rewards in 2024. - How Myriad clients will be rewarded from 2024. - What is the impact on existing Multiply Premier members? - How will it impact members who move to Multiply Inspire Plus and Multiply Engage Plus?

Let us show you how Momentum’s new approach to rewards can free up your time to spend with your clients and grow your business.

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