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Election 2024

South Africans were overwhelmed with the choice of where to put their X. The biggest danger in this situation is that the voters disengage – and make no choice at all…

07 June 2024

Politics, Coalitions, Economics & Emotions

More than 60 countries have elections happening in 2024. The highest amount of any year in history. A few days ago, South Africans went to the polls for what was surely our most important election to date.

With a nation and an economy that is still bruised and recovering from a global pandemic, the choices we made at the polls this year not only reflect our past, they speak volumes about our present and ultimately define our future.

But, somehow, as people queued to make their mark - the concept of a “Rainbow Nation” seemed to be a distant memory. Service delivery issues and high unemployment, especially in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, threaten the ANC’s majority in these two key provinces that are likely to determine the outcome of the election, forcing the governing party to form a coalition government in these two regions.

Experts have predicted some ‘watershed moments’ in the outcome of this year's election - with some hitherto unheard-of possibilities of divisions and coalitions in the race to secure the ruling majority of seats in parliament.

It’s essential to keep abreast of all possible outcomes for the benefit of your clients future.


Because it’s in our nature to forge the brightest future possible. It’s in our culture to preserve a hard-earned legacy. And now, as the fragile gift we call democracy hangs in its most precarious position to date, it’s more important than ever to CONNECT.

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