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The business of financial advice is constantly evolving. Keeping up isn't enough anymore - we need to stay one, two or three steps ahead of it…

07 March 2022

The Definition of Advice: Informed Opinions as a Guide to Action

Over the last year, we have explored in depth how Momentum has embraced an advice-led strategy to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients.

The definition of the advice we are referring to is, quite literally, the dictionary - or textbook - version. And it implies that as much as every action has consequences so does every piece of advice taken. But what does that mean for you, the IFA? It means that you have an incredible responsibility to stay as informed as possible about the market, current events, and the status quo. Most importantly, you must be able to differentiate between facts and opinions – before you provide advice to your clients.

At Momentum, we are committed to be your partners in Advice… and here at Momentum Connect we are stepping up the game!

Why? Because it’s in our DNA to care. It’s in our culture to collaborate. And as the nature of advice itself evolves, the only way to separate fact from fiction is to CONNECT.

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