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01 July 2022

Focus on Facts... Always the Facts

Headlines like ‘Eskom failures’, ‘Malfunctioning municipalities’, ‘Never-ending corruption’, ‘Unemployment’ and ‘Rising food prices’ are blinding South Africans to the economic progress our country is making. When we focus on facts instead of fables and kitchen gossip, we can see the light at the end of the economic tunnel.

Add to this that South Africa’s agriculture and land reform policy is taking a turn for the positive, a positive sentiment expressed within Government and the new ANC policy documents, which are geared towards growth and expansion. However, global dynamics will complicate this outlook. Also, the real reasons for slow progress with land reform in South Africa are bureaucratic red tape, patronage and political influence.

It’s in our DNA to care. It’s in our culture to collaborate. And truth and CONNECTION are crucial tools in our fight against fear, biased opinion, drama, sensation.and ignorance.

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