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In this very enlightening and balanced conversation, Marlies unpacks some of the recent news headlines dealing with technology…

02 September 2022

Being Human is our Unique Quotient

It is no longer just a scenario, phrase or movie script on a computer waiting to be discovered. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already in action and available in an app store near you. Thanks to ever evolving and continuously developing technology, advice - like everything else - is fast becoming just another commodity.

Generation Z holds the secret for growth in financial advice practices. But the window of opportunity is closing… Our clients are not robots or algorithms. They are human and - for now - they crave personalised experiences…. but they want it wherever they are.

Which begs the question: How do I engage with their hearts and their minds, understand their needs and advise with confidence…. and how do we do that with our reputation and businesses intact?

This edition is devoted to the overwhelming and very near future in which technology will be at the centre of the fourth industrial revolution. Will we become obsolete? Or do we simply not see the possibilities?

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