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The infrastructural and economic challenges have put incredible strain on entrepeneurs, small businesses…

18 November 2022

Want to be a genius? Become an optimist!

South Africa has an X-factor that prompts the world to sit up and take notice of this socially and politically fraught country at the southern tip of Africa.

This X-factor is found in the stories of extraordinary individuals, companies and industries – geniuses – who have thrived in a difficult domestic climate, taken their smart ideas and businesses global, and become success stories. 

Genius:  How to take smart ideas global, the latest book of South African financial journalist and author, Bruce Whitfield, shines the spotlight on some of these geniuses. They all had one characteristic in common: optimism; a desire to change the world for the better.

Amidst loadshedding, water-shedding and talks of an economic recession, it might look like there is little to be optimistic about in South Africa. As a result, many South Africans find themselves in Dr Seuss’ proverbial “waiting place”: waiting for things to change and conditions to improve before they act.

Do you still believe in South Africa’s X-factor, that South Africans can solve problems for the world? Optimism is a choice; it is a matter of perspective.

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